As a toastmaster and master of ceremonies, I am responsible for the smooth and effortless running of your function, ensuring that it runs on time and in the correct order. With tact, diplomacy and sometimes a little bit of humour, I am able to manage the proceedings for you, leaving you to enjoy your special occasion in the knowledge that it is in safe and experienced hands.

I am able to provide that touch of dignity and efficiency to any occasion in a friendly and polite manner. I believe that to be a successful toastmaster, I must be of genuine support to the function and committed to ensuring its success.

I can bring the benefit of my experience to the following events:

Paul Buckley


Tel/Fax: 01506 858740 Mobile: 07736 381383

  National Association of Toastmasters


Scottish toastmaster in red jacket standing under arched entrance.

Scottish toastmaster standing on shore of loch

Scottish toastmaster standing in front or arched doorways